Part 3

 I was expecting the bait to be over by now, but it doesn't seem that way.

[11:55] xxxxxx: so you want us to meet?
[11:55] love_yayo: Sure...If only u dont minded.
[11:56] xxxxxx: well maybe. i still don't know you all that well
[11:56] love_yayo: Well........Thats why we have to get more time and talk more so that we well know much better of Our self..
[11:57] love_yayo: Cose i really care to see u Face to face.
[11:57] xxxxxx: some more pics of you would be good
[11:57] love_yayo: Really..
[11:57] xxxxxx: definately. i'd love you to send me more
[11:57] love_yayo: Then i well try and scane more..
[11:57] xxxxxx: ok
[11:57] love_yayo: ok
[11:58] love_yayo: Do u also have more pics for me..
[11:58] love_yayo: ??
[11:58] xxxxxx: how many have you had?
[11:58] love_yayo: Cose u give me only one pic
[11:58] xxxxxx: i have one more and that's it. i'm always the one the other side of the camera
[11:58] love_yayo: Okay..Then try and get more for..
[11:59] love_yayo: Do u like to come over here and see me...?
[11:59] xxxxxx: i could do. what's there to see? apart from you of course
[12:00] love_yayo: Sure..And am also very proud of u here To see in the rest of my whole life..
[12:01] xxxxxx: tell me something, with your periods lasting so long, how many days in the month can you have sex?
[12:02] love_yayo: Many as u wish...Love
[12:02] love_yayo: would describe myself as a good looking woman, who is well groomed and stays in shape. I am not into head games and I respect the person that I am with.
[12:02] xxxxxx: uh huh.
[12:03] love_yayo: Lol
[12:03] love_yayo: I love romantic evenings and good food if possible. The man that I am with can expect to be treated like a King first and foremost.
[12:03] xxxxxx: so if we meet you're up for lots of sex then?
[12:03] love_yayo: Yes..
[12:03] love_yayo: Mnay as u can go
[12:03] xxxxxx: that's good. are you adventurous?
[12:04] love_yayo: And i wnat Truth Love not Cheating love
[12:04] xxxxxx: but are you adventurous when it comes to sex?
[12:05] love_yayo: Ur wish well be my commande when am with the right man .
[12:05] love_yayo: I offer my hand as a lady, which iking these days for men of all ages.
[12:05] xxxxxx: that's good. what positions do you like?
[12:05] love_yayo: Am Every Read for any were and u
[12:05] love_yayo: ???
[12:06] xxxxxx: what sexual positions do you like to use?
[12:06] love_yayo: Dogg and 69
[12:06] love_yayo: And u
[12:06] love_yayo: ??
[12:06] xxxxxx: i like all styles. do you like oral sex?
[12:07] love_yayo: Sure and that also is for real
[12:07] love_yayo: On the other side I also like to be very romantic when it comes to dating. I am very good at sensuality if the right moment hits, and please understand that I am a one man woman, not some game-playe
[12:07] xxxxxx: how about anal sex?
[12:07] love_yayo: Nope..
[12:07] xxxxxx: don't like it?
[12:08] love_yayo: There is an art to creating a good romantic atmosphere, and I enjoy setting the mood if possible.
[12:08] xxxxxx: or is it you've just never tried it?
[12:08] love_yayo: Yes
[12:08] xxxxxx: you've never tried it?
[12:08] love_yayo: Yes
[12:09] xxxxxx: but you've used your dildo in your ass?
[12:09] love_yayo: Yes..
[12:09] love_yayo: Do u have soem in the UK?
[12:09] xxxxxx: we have shops that sell all sorts
[12:10] love_yayo: Then i well like u to get more nad send me some here......It really cost much here.
[12:10] xxxxxx: what would you like?
[12:11] love_yayo: And one u well buy and u think is good there to use here..
[12:11] xxxxxx: do you want a dildo or a vibrator?
[12:12] love_yayo: Dildo..
[12:12] xxxxxx: ok. how big?
[12:12] love_yayo: Medium size..
[12:13] xxxxxx: ok. anything else you fancy?
[12:13] love_yayo: Web Cam, Cell Phone
[12:13] love_yayo: Digital caram
[12:14] xxxxxx: i'm still talking about sex toys. we can discuss them later
[12:14] love_yayo: Okay..
[12:15] love_yayo: I enjoy wild candle light, whatever mood strikes both of us. If you enjoy conversation then I am all ears, I love good conversation and I am very interested in what you have to say.
[12:15] xxxxxx: do you want a butt plug?
[12:18] xxxxxx: still there?
[12:21] love_yayo: <ding>
[12:21] love_yayo: Am very sorry my pc want off thats why..

[ Zone Labs Security alert: Session not encrypted because love_yayo is not protected by IM Security ]
[12:22] xxxxxx: ok. i was asking you if you wanted me to buy you a butt plug as well
[12:22] love_yayo: Sure if only u care to buy that.
[12:23] xxxxxx: no problem. how wide do you want it?
[12:23] love_yayo: Honey any u wish its very good and better for ur wife..
[12:24] love_yayo: Okay..
[12:24] xxxxxx: it's your ass it's going to go into. how big a one can you comfortably fit in there?
[12:25] love_yayo: 24size
[12:26] xxxxxx: how big is that? i'm not sure they use the same size measurements here
[12:26] love_yayo: What measurement do u have there..
[12:28] xxxxxx: small, medium large or extra large
[12:29] love_yayo: Medium..
[12:29] xxxxxx: ok. vibrating one?
[12:29] love_yayo: Yes
[12:30] xxxxxx: how easy are batteries to get there or would it be easier to have a mains powered one?
[12:30] love_yayo: Yes.......It very easy..
[12:31] xxxxxx: that's good. how many volts is the power supply there?
[12:33] love_yayo: 12 Volts
[12:33] xxxxxx: 12?
[12:34] xxxxxx: it's 240 here
[12:34] love_yayo: wowo
[12:35] love_yayo: Can i ask u something if u dont mind that to be ask
[12:35] love_yayo: ??
[12:35] xxxxxx: k
[12:35] love_yayo: How many peopel do u chat with ?
[12:35] xxxxxx: a few. you?
[12:36] love_yayo: U are the only Man that in my list....With Two Gril .
[12:36] xxxxxx: ok. i have to go now though. i'll speak to you later

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