Before we start, I should explain that the girl in the pictures is in no way involved with the scam.  The pictures were stolen off a website and are frequently used by scammers.

We'll start this one partway in....
The lovely Irina has fallen head over heels in love with Jefferson Darcy, when she hears the tragic news that
Jefferson had died.  She's told this by Jefferson's brother, Edward.

"Greetings!!! I was very strongly afflicted and have fainted after have
learned this news my dear!!! You are his brother?? I want to visit on
his tomb and will get acquainted to you!!!! My lovely I want to arrive
on tombs to your brother, it meant for me much and I do not present
the further life without him!!! Whether the answer you want that I
have arrived to you??? I wait for the answer!!! Yours faithfully and
love Irina!!!"

At this point she tried hitting on the brother for cash to come to the funeral and sent a very nice photo.

After a few emails she realises there's no way the cash will get there for her to arrive at the funeral, so she starts coming onto the brother and sending a different type of picture.

Problems arise as Edward has spent the last of his money on his brother's funeral and is waiting for the insurance cheque. Email after email arrives claiming how much she loves him and can't wait for the money to pay for the visa to visit him. Here's just 1 example

"Greetings my love!!! I very strongly love you and I dream that soon we
with you we shall together!!!!! You should know that you for me mean
also I much do not present the life without you!!! My dear I every day
think of you!!! My dear I today dreamt where we have met you also I
could embrace and kiss you my honey!!! In the morning I have woken up
very cheerful as I hope at the end of the next week you can send me of
money for an our meeting and in 5-6 days I can be with you together my
dear!!! My honey I send you the most gentle kiss!!! I wait from you
for the letter my loved!!! With love your Irina!!!!"

Edward gets sick of her mentioning money in every letter, especially as he's having to borrow off his friends just to survive until the cheque clears. He tells her he doesn't want to hear another word about the money and she stops mentioning it. At least she stops for about 3 days, then the letters start again.

"Greetings my love!!!! I very strongly love you and I want to be with
you together as soon as possible!!!! My loved by thanks you that you
want to present me a gift, but you should know that the best gift for
me is your love to me and an our forthcoming meeting!!!! My lovely if
you so strongly want to present me a gift, let's buy it after I shall
arrive to you and we shall find together it to me!!!! My honey please
tell to me when you can help me with money for my trip to you, whether
my loved only do not take offence please simply I want you can know to
send this money this week!!! My honey I prepare for trip to you, I
want to be with you together, to embrace and kiss you!!!!!! My lovely
you for me mean also I much do not present the life without you!!! My
loved I send you the most gentle kiss!!!!"

Eventually the money arrives and Edward pays it into Moneygram, but disaster strikes. He's managed to find out his brother's email password and seen all she did with him was ask for money. So he decides that if she wants the money that badly then she can have it. 1 number of the MTC for each naked picture he receives. And sure enough, even though she protests her innocence with each letter

"My dear I want to be with you!!! I very
strongly want to be with you together and consequently I shall send
you the naked photos, but promise me that you will not show them to
anybody as I very strongly hesitate!!!"

she sends him the pictures as seen by this picture

Edward promises on his brother's grave that all the numbers are correct, BUT not in the right order. To get the right order she must send another naked one with her holding asign saying "Moneygrabbing Slut". The poor girl argues and argues that there's no way she'll do that (think it may be cos there's not one like that in his collection of pictures?) and eventually Edward decides that she's obviously a girl of principles and agrees to give her the number.

Now we have more problems.  Remember, Moneygram can't be checked online, so the scammer has to go to the nearest MG outlet to try to collect the money.
Unsuprisingly there's a problem collecting the cash using my made up Money Transfer Collection Number.

After trip #3

"My dear I so it is strongly tired from these trials with
MoneyGram, I yesterday have very strongly quarrelled with workers
MoneyGram, I began to explain them that they are mistaken also you
have sent me correct monetary number, but they speak that you were
mistaken and in all you are guilty!!!! My loved I very strongly
shouted at them and have told him that never I shall come to them and
my love will not send money through MoneyGram as it is system not
reliable!!!! And their workers very much not validly concern to the
clients!!! "

After trip #4

"My lovely I today went in Moneygram and they have
told to me that today at them the day off and they will not work till
Monday, I have been very strongly afflicted as I hoped that today I
can receive money both go to Moscow and issue the visa!!! My love to
us with you now is necessary to wait till Monday, and I shall go to
Monday in Moneygram in the morning and I shall try to take money!!! My
love would be known by you as I wanted to shout at workers Moneygram
as from for their mistakes we suffer with you my honey!!! My now we
should wait for loved till Monday and early in the morning I shall go
in Moneygram!!!"

After trip #5

"My fine I today have come in Monegram, and to me
have again told, that number of a remittance, not correct and to me
will not allow money while I shall not have correct number !!! My love
to me already has worked to enter every day in Monegram, and all time
to me speaks it in me not correct number of a remittance, my fine I
ask you, clean money from Moneygram and send me of money with the help
of the Western Union, and then I can receive money and to be fast, we
can with you together!!! My love Moneygram - very bad way of a
remittance, and many people complain of him, my fine therefore I spoke
you, that the best way of a remittance - the Western Union, is the
most reliable and safe and there not when there are no such things as
in Moneygram!!! My dear I once again ask you, please clean money from
Moneygram today, and send to me him with the help of the Western Union
as soon as possible, and it is the best way to make it today and I can
already receive money tomorrow, and then I can receive money and to be
fast, we can with you together my honey!!!!!!"

After trip #6

"My loved I today went to bank and to me have
told that it today do not work as in it are carried out
repairs!!!! To me would tell that I came tomorrow in the morning and
then I can receive money!!!!"

And finally after her 7th trip to Moneygram

"My honey I today went to Moneygram
and to me have told that this number incorrect!!!! My loved I all road
up to a house cried and have been very strongly offended!!!! My loved
please take away money from Moneygram and send to me them with the
help of the Western Union it is the most reliable and safe way of
remittance and I can take away money and we can be with you
together!!!! My lovely I shall not go any more in Moneygram as it is
the most bad translation system of money and she always is mistaken
and consequently I beg you take away money from Moneygram and send to
me them with the help of the Western Union!!!! I now pay my honey both
I was very hard for me also cannot write much as from my eyes tears
flow!!!! My dear try to take away money from Moneygram today and to
send me them through the Western union and then tomorrow I can already
receive money and tomorrow I shall go to Moscow to make out the

After all this trouble I finally relent and switch to Western Union.
First though she needs to show me she has a passport as ID to collect the money.

Irina's not a dumb girl. She checks the WU number online and finds it doesn't exist.

"Greetings my love!!!! I very strongly love you and I want to be with
you together!!!! My honey I ask you name to me that that I should tell
in the Western Union that could give me of money!!!! My lovely I now
to do to check up a remittance with the help of a site of the Western
Union, but it has shown that the remittance is not present!!!! My dear
I hope that you have sent me correct number and I can receive tomorrow
money and we can be with you together!!!! My dear please send to me
once again your full name and a surname and 10-place number of a
remittance and specify the sum which you to me have sent!!!!! My loved
I want trust that tomorrow I can to receive money in the Western Union
and I can soon embrace and kiss you!!!!"

And Edward replies

"Read my last email. "The number won't show up on their
online system, but can only be accessed when the person has proven
themselves to be the one the money's meant for." Quite frankly I find
it insulting that you should question me like this. Did you not read
the email properly?"

So after a suitable apology and some new pictures, she tries again.

After coming back from WU empty handed she writes this email

"Greetings my honey!!!! I very strongly love you and I want to be with
you together!!! My lovely does not pass also minute that I would not
think of you!!!! My dear I today went To the Western Union and to me
have told that deceive me and is not present there is nobody a
remittance, on these 10 numbers and even are not present translation
addressed to Irina Vidjakinoj!!!! My dear now I have understood that
all of you you me deceived this time and would not want that we were
with you together!!! I want to tell to you that if it and time you
only me deceived all this and would not want that we were together,
you very bad person as you played on my feelings and it is very hurt
me, you have forced me in yourselves I will very strongly fall in love
also all this time trusted you and trusted, I have entrusted to you
the heart!!!! My lovely to me have still told in the Western Union
that if on his site the remittance is not checked means it does not
exist!!! My lovely if you love me and you want be with me together me
will not deceive!!! I send you the most gentle kiss!!! I shall wait
from you for the letter!!!"

and gets the reply

"There's a very good reason you couldn't collect the money today. You
see, I had a phone call earlier from the Western union office to
inform me that the passport you sent me is in fact a fake. Because of
that they had to cancel the order. So tell me, who's deceiving who

As an end note to this, I got this off my lad.

"Greetings my love!!!! If you all this time deceived me and spoke that
you love me and played on my feelings, you the most bad person on the
ground and I never shall forgive to you it!!!! I send the gift which
wanted to present you by mail, and let it will be mine a small gift
for you!!!!"

I'm not holding my breath. Lad doesn't have a picture or an address for my character. When pressed for one last picture I got this reply.

" Yes there was you the ugly creature, I shall not send to you any
photos because I know that I real and should not anybody prove

And that seems to be that. No more emails off my lad since I sent "her" this parting shot.

"I'd put money on you (the REAL you, not the person whose pictures you
hide behind) being a fat assed, unshaven, vodka swigging ugly
motherfucker who couldn't even get screwed by a drunk goat if you
blindfolded it first."

Even after this, the scammer tried making up with me, but it all fizzled out after that.
I hate giving up on a scammer.  I would rather they eventually give up on me, which is what happened here.