Part 2

At this point I'd managed to find what porn model the lad was using as "her" pictures.
Who it is isn't important so I won't post them here.

xxxxxx: hi there.
love yayo: How are u doing t her ?
xxxxxx: i'm doing ok. how's your period today?
love yayo: Good
love yayo: Did u got my mail
xxxxxx: i haven't checked my emails yet
love yayo: Have u sent them money?
xxxxxx: you're going to have to wait til tomorrow i'm afraid. there's nothing i can do. can you keep using toilet paper til then?
love yayo: Okay
xxxxxx: good. how's the flow today?
love yayo: Cool
love yayo: The only thing am saying is that if u can do the.........Wester Union Tonight os that i can have the Information by Torrowom thats all
xxxxxx: you'll have the money tomorrow. look, it's not my fault you didn't think ahead enough to make sure you're not going to bleed all over the furniture is it?
love yayo: Okay
xxxxxx: what would you have done if i hadn't offered to help you?
love yayo: Oh Dont say that....
xxxxxx: no, be honest with me. if i hadn't agreed to buy you tampons what would you have done?
love yayo: Well am very honest woman here my dear i and really understand what u mean
xxxxxx: but you're avoiding answering me.
love yayo: Yeah
xxxxxx: so level with me. what would you have used if i hadn't agreed to pay for your sanitary products?
love yayo: I well be in the house of that after that i can move to class
xxxxxx: you're still not answering my question
love yayo: Oh can u come again
xxxxxx: what would you have used to plug yourself if i hadn't agreed to pay you the money?
love yayo: Cotton wool
xxxxxx: how's that work?
love yayo: That one is very painfull my dear
love yayo: To use thats why i sak u for the help
xxxxxx: i'm sure it would be. and not all that leak proof either. it must leave stains on your clothes
love yayo: Yeah
love yayo: What is the time there now ?
xxxxxx: coming up to 2pm
love yayo: Okay
xxxxxx: wher eare you getting the cotton wool from?
love yayo: Mr xxxxxx Plz am baging can u get there and see them to do that Western Union.......Cose u are my lost hope that i really trust much
love yayo: I got them for long time
xxxxxx: i already told you you'll have the money tomorrow. nothing more i can do
love yayo: Okay
love yayo: Thank u Mr xxxxxx
xxxxxx: you're welcome
love yayo: The same too u
love yayo: what is ur phone number ?
xxxxxx: +44xxxxxxxx you can ring me and thank me in person
love yayo: Yeah.......That well be very nice of that
love yayo: Thats why i ask u for the number not for anything right.
xxxxxx: ok. so tell me something, what do i get out of this deal? cos i'm down $50 right now
love yayo: Yeah......Am very proud of that.......Cose u dont know anything about me and i really ask u for the help and u have really prove to me that u care for me
xxxxxx: and what's going to happen next month? and the month after that?
love yayo: Am going to do the same period
xxxxxx: so i'm expected to give you cash every month now? for nothing?
love yayo: Nope
xxxxxx: so what will i get for doign it?
love yayo: I wish i can see u face to face
xxxxxx: i wish i can see your body
love yayo: Cose am very proud of u
love yayo: Did u got the pics i send them to u there?
xxxxxx: i had some, but i'm talking PROPER pictures. of you showing some flesh. that has to be worth my $50 doesn't it?
love yayo: Yeah
xxxxxx: so what do you think?
love yayo: Thats fine
xxxxxx: so do you have any?
love yayo: Sure annd they are not on my mail so i have to scane them for u
xxxxxx: ok. when will you do that for me?
love yayo: Do u also have more pics for me
xxxxxx: becasue i want to check out the merchandise
love yayo: Tonight
xxxxxx: ok. so i can expect you to email them to me tonight yes?
love yayo: Yeah.......Well u be online tonight?
xxxxxx: i will if you're sending them
love yayo: Okay
xxxxxx: ok. what time?
love yayo: 7pm my time
xxxxxx: what time is it there now?
love yayo: Its 2;15pm
xxxxxx: so 7 my time too then
love yayo: Nope My
xxxxxx: ok. 7 o clock it is then. how many pictures do you have?
love yayo has signed out. (2/2/2007 2:11 PM)

[13:27] xxxxxx: so how did you cope with your period after seeing as you didn't get the money?
[13:27] love_yayo: Cose am sill is the house and i have not been to Class..
[13:28] xxxxxx: how did you manage?
[13:28] love_yayo: Am still Useing the cotton Wool and it very Painful Mr xxxxxx
[13:29] xxxxxx: it hasn't finished yet? don't they usually only last 5 days?
[13:29] love_yayo: Nope...Am doing that for one Month........Mr xxxxxx what is ur phone number again...?
[13:30] xxxxxx: hold on, you don't bleed for the entire month do you?
[13:31] love_yayo: I bleed for every week..
[13:32] xxxxxx: so you're constantly bleeding? through the month?
[13:32] love_yayo: Yeah.
[13:32] love_yayo: Ur number
[13:32] xxxxxx: hold on
[13:32] love_yayo: ok
[13:33] xxxxxx: +xxxxxx
[13:33] love_yayo: Thank u
[13:33] love_yayo: Which Country are u ?
[13:34] love_yayo: Starte
[13:34] xxxxxx: the uk.
[13:34] xxxxxx: i told you all this before
[13:34] love_yayo: Nope u did not my Dear..plz
[13:34] love_yayo: Ok
[13:35] xxxxxx: i'm going to have to ask. if you bleed every day how do you manage to have sex?
[13:35] love_yayo: U know is very long time i been with a man.
[13:36] xxxxxx: no i don't know. how long has it been?
[13:36] love_yayo: Did i told u my age..
[13:36] love_yayo: ???
[13:36] xxxxxx: i don't think you did
[13:37] love_yayo: Okay........I told u that am 29Year old and i well be 30Years 28th Feb.
[13:38] xxxxxx: ok. and how long is it since you last had sex?
[13:38] love_yayo: 4 And half Years..
[13:38] xxxxxx: fuck!!
[13:38] xxxxxx: you have to masterbate though?
[13:39] love_yayo: what ?
[13:39] xxxxxx: you must masterbate. no one can go that long without an orgasm
[13:40] love_yayo: Well..Is Truth Reason is that i have not found teh Right man for the rest of my whole life .
[13:41] love_yayo: And my heart was brake Truth the man i really loved and care .
[13:41] xxxxxx: that's not what i'm saying. you have to have a battery operated friend in your underwear drawer
[13:41] love_yayo: Okay..
[13:41] love_yayo: Oh really ..
[13:41] xxxxxx: am i right?
[13:41] love_yayo: Yes..
[13:42] love_yayo: So are u marred ? If u dont minded for me to ask u that..
[13:42] xxxxxx: no i'm not. i'm divorced
[13:43] love_yayo: But do u have.......Kids with her ?
[13:43] xxxxxx: no
[13:43] love_yayo: So are long how u been divorced ?
[13:44] xxxxxx: about 3 years
[13:44] xxxxxx: so tell me about your sex toy. what type is it?
[13:44] love_yayo: Oh Really .......and how long have u been here for dating ?
[13:44] love_yayo: Doggstlye..
[13:45] love_yayo: U
[13:45] xxxxxx: that's not what i meant. though we can come to that in a little bit. i meant what type of sex toy do you have? bettery operated?
[13:46] love_yayo: I dont understand u well ..
[13:46] xxxxxx: you said you use a sex toy. do you use a vibrator or a dildo?
[13:46] love_yayo: I use dildo and u
[13:47] xxxxxx: i don't use one. men don't need them
[13:47] xxxxxx: do you ever use your dildo on your ass?
[13:47] love_yayo: Yes
[13:48] xxxxxx: and how does that feel?
[13:48] love_yayo: Cool and good too
[13:48] xxxxxx: how big is it?
[13:50] xxxxxx: still there?
[13:50] love_yayo: Its like....Am here Mr xxxxxx
[13:51] xxxxxx: ok. so how big is your dildo?
[13:51] love_yayo: 1ft
[13:51] xxxxxx: ok. what colour?
[13:51] love_yayo: Blue
[13:52] xxxxxx: cool. so how often do you use it?
[13:53] love_yayo: Every Day.
[13:53] xxxxxx: sweet. and how often on your ass?
[13:53] love_yayo: fine
[13:54] xxxxxx: how often?
[13:54] love_yayo: Morning..
[13:54] love_yayo: When am going to class
[13:54] xxxxxx: would you let me watch you use it?
[13:55] love_yayo: For sure Cose am now urs anf forevr..
[13:56] xxxxxx: great. brb

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