An angry letter from a scammer

Today I received this message off a "scammer" in my Youtube account inbox

Good Job
Hey Man

first i would like you to congrats what you done bravo clap clap clap!,but gosh dude!those ladys or ladyboys you put in the vedeo are just beggars not really a scammers,they just want money show on cam naked! they do everything of money!!..

filipina scammers and people like you are Idiots no offense!!, you guys are desperate thats why you join in dating site, find true love?gosh wake up man!!! those guys whose in the dating site are loosers,stupid,and idiot!,,

Most of the westerner are divorced,high crisis of there life or cant get a real date in your country, thats why they joined in dating site!!in short you people are rejected in your country, you can get a beautiful women there, well you can but only a whore or a slut but true love i bet you guys are afraid most of the western women! cause you guys are loosers! hahah,

let me give a hint dude!, those ladys in the site are just like you guys in the site, Stupid and loosers, this ladys are Ugly in a face of filipino men, this ladys are rejected in our society, I mean they are ugly really, we filipino if we see westerner walking in the street with this younge ladys and proud holding hands, we puke!,i mean the lady Gosh the women is Very Ugly most of them, and the man is old Fat bald white man! haha well as they said Beauty and the beast, But in short BEAST OF THE BEAST!

First thing to know so that your fellow U.K brits will know, Most ladys in the site are Gold digger! you know why? they want to get out of this country and marry westerner to sve there life of being poor, so just dont believe in saying I love you honey i miss you honey! most of them are chatting in cafe! girls ugly, ladyboys like you chatting silly on you! hehe..

second you didnt busted the real scammer, cause the real scammers is me and my friends, we are Straigth Male filipino a group of filipino, Scam many of guys like you...i have encounter many many many individual weterner in net, all is saying that your ladys there are not good, and they want to marry filipina or asian. hahaha,well thanks for the job you gave us....the more they enter dating site the more we get money from them.....we have cam, we have friends of females and we pay them if the guy want to cam to cam, in short we have a model but we are the one who is typing ! lol see how stupid you are and those friends of your's hahaha... we let play the game, you guys play the game, we also play the game, we let them trust us, then if we get trust then thats the time we get money to them!not just money, a lot of money cause we have thier trust! and if they come in philippines my all female friend will see them so he believe that she is really chatting with hes princess hahahaha,,see what i mean?loosers!!...well some of it really get married hehehe 4 of my close friend girls married to those guy i talk in the net and of course sending me money always, i didnt ask money , they are the one who send see the pattern of real scammers and beggarS?...

Opps sorry in this job, its really great, i can buy a car, get laid with many ladies i want, a new house, a good business! its all about business!!

I hope this will help to improve to your site!! hahahah so long looserssss!!

if you want you can add me in my ym hahahaha

then we can talk ahahhahaha

A while later, another email arrived, this time to my account here.

Hey looser nice job in your site
ha ha ha i emailed you in youtube , its me kosaa187

those filipina ladys you meet in the net? hahaha are not scammers they are beggars just like i said in the email in youtube...check that email maybe you learn something,and also i give you some tips and advice in the email so if you happen to login in youtube email me if you want lol he he he

your strategy wont work with us...hehehe so old and idiot strat you got?, you have camcapture? those software you use? gosh get a life man its a lame software only for newbies hahahaha...

Man we are the real scammer! We are a group of filipino Male, not ladyboy A real male, hehehe

Well i will make my own site soon

How to scam old fat westener!!

you guys are looser really, stupid idiot and looser, rejected by the girls in your society, i mean most of it, telling sad story that your wife cheating on your thats why you got divorce but the reason is that you got not BALLSSS your a looser white westerner! hahahahha

Joing in some dating site? and bust scammer? what a story! how many scammers you bust? thats all in your site?? why you didnt bust us, or maybe we talk in dateinasia hahahaha...again my friend get a life, get a real date, or if you have a wife tell her that she will take care of you so that you wont hang-out anymore in some lousy internet and dedicating your life to destroy scammers lol! what an idiot!,,,,hahaha even if you busted some scammer theres no legal laws to file against scammers in philippines...gosh my god what a braindead you are hahahaha

Second if you are fat and insecure bald man like those i meet in the dating site, get a shotgun and killed your self he he he, why you didnt put picture of you in the site? your ugly? he he he just like those people in the dating site? hahaha

hey oh yes , your also a scammer hahaha cause you have many fakes photos and fake lies , then you will let those beggar play with your hand and if they start asking money you will recorded and proudly saying you busted them hahaha,, well infact you and those beggars ladys are the same, you are both IDIOTS! hahahah

one thing before i go,,,is it true that guys like you always in the net hang-out cant get a real date in your country? or we called it looser?

anyway its up to you if you answer that..

take care man!! happy hunting...we also like fishing in the net!!! hahahaha

Oh Pleaseee your not rich and please don't tell that you have many money cause as far as i know your just in a free dating site in DATEINASIA....

try on filipinaheart,foriegnbride good site its a paysite hahahah ohh yes you cant afford it thats why your in cheap site like Dateinasia

and in hmmmm dont pretend you have a money ok..cause you dont have money, thats why you cant send those beggar girls asking you

So now it gets interesting.  When they sent the email, it gave me an IP address. (Philippines - Manila)

What does this mean?  An IP address tells you the location of the computer.  Or at least it gives you it's unique number.  No two computers will have the same IP address.  A week ago I was looking through one of my inboxes and found this IP address in an email (Philippines - Manila)

Those two IP addresses are almost identical.  We can safely assume from this fact that the person in the latest emails is in some way linked to the one in the older one from my inbox.  Those numbers are too close to not be related.  It's very possibly a different computer in the same cybercafe.  So who did the original email come from, that has a link to the latest ones?  Michelle Maningo AKA faithsexy2005 AKA Michelle the ladyboy from another part of this site.  If you still want to talk, you can find me on Yahoo Messenger.  I'm not hard to find.  My name there is romancescambaiter and I'm waiting for you.


Well more of a non update really.  Despite sending two add requests to the account, this "scammer" hasn't had the guts to reply back.  This just shows how pathetic they are.  Full of bravado to start, but once they're told to put their money where their mouth is they back off with their tails between their legs. 
Remember this the next time a scammer tries to threaten you.  These dogs are all bark and no bite.