SCOOT, PREGNANT ORPHANS AND A BANANA was a lad that a baiter called OldBagLady put me onto.
He was a romance scammer that pretended he ran an orphanage and would ask for money to help out the orphans.  Now we knew the orphanage didn't exist.  Earlier on in the day, before the first time we had him on the show, I took the phrase "they are expecting" (meaning they're expecting me to send the money) and twisted it to "they are expecting" (meaning they're pregnant).  419weasel very kindly agreed to be a "drunk" Kelly, who'd been swigging at the gin all day.  The romance baiters were having a friendly competition, where they had to get cartoon characters in their baits somehow.  So here's the first call


The next week I went a step further.  Another competition was to get fruit involved in scams.  So I spent a few hours before the show getting Scoot (He couldn't even spell Scott correctly) to agree to......  Well you'll just have to listen.