Vlad baiting 

Now you've read about the different types of scammers, what's next? "Where do I find vlads to bait?" I hear you ask. The first place is in the romance section at www.419eater.com where baiters will often post up details of vlads and will let you know if they're "live" (either a small time scammer using her own pictures or a group with access to a girl that can take personalised "trophy" pictures). Live ones are the best ones to go for, because if you play your cards right you'll get yourself a nice trophy out of it, and maybe cause a little scammer humiliation in the process.
Other places to go are forums dedicated to helping the victims of romance scammers, like www.russian-detective.com or www.romancescam.com
You could try blacklists like the ones at www.dotsilver.com or www.mate4all.com

The following is my particular way of working vlads. Others like to try to get them off script as quickly as possible, but I prefer to let them play their script out. That way they have nothing to fall back on when they make the money request. Remember, the money request is all the scam is about. They don't love you. They're not falling in love with you. 95% of the tiem they're not even females scamming you. These scams are usually run by males who pay local girls a small amount to make and receive phone calls, or to pose for posed pictures. I'll tell you now that a lot of people try baiting vlads and give up very quickly because it's boring. You do need patience at the start. The scripts take from a week to a month to run through, and you do very little during that time. Use the time to mess with some lads.

First of all you need a fresh email address. Google is best, but a Yahoo one is fine as long as your IP address doesn't lead to your door. I also get a fresh phone number, using either an anonymous SIM card for a mobile phone, or an online phone account (Think SKYPE or something similar). Now, get a selection of vlad email addresses from the places mentioned earlier. I get anything up to 30 at a time. Send them all the same email, something like "I got your message and would love to be able to talk to you. Look forward to hearing back from you." Keep it short and sweet. Make sure you BCC the other email addresses or you'd have already killed all your baits. Now, sit back and wait for 2 or 3 days.

The emails will start to arrive. Wait until it looks like all the ones that are going to arrive have done, then write a scripted first email and send it to them all. I like to enclose a photo of a minor celebrity with the first email. It gets it out of the way right at the beginning. Wait another day or so, then repeat the process with another scripted email. Talk about any kind of junk you like. They're not reading it. I like to slip in the fact I can't open any bank accounts up due to something like a business partner running off with the money, or an ex wife causing problems for me. Slip it in now, so if they ask you to open a bank account, you've already covered yourself and can ask for an alternative way to send them money. You can mention you got scammed before as well. They're not reading it, but you can point them back to it after the scripts have run out. Keep the scripts saved as text files. You'll need them again later. Keep doing this for about 2 weeks, then send out another wave of emails. Either from a new email address, or from the same one if you think you can keep track of more than one wave at a time.

Around this time, the first wave will be coming to the end of their script. NOW the fun begins. At this point they've used up the script, and have to answer all your emails personally, instead of letting The Bat! automatically send the replies out. You'll find the emails become a lot shorter, and the quality of their language skills will change too. Point out the fact you need to be sure they're really the person in the photos as you don't want to get scammed again. Some will argue that they don't have a camera or can't send you a photo for some other reason. Either they're using stolen pictures, or they can only get access to the girl every few days to take the photos. If after a week you're having no joy with the pictures, or you know the photos are stolen, agree to trust them and move on. If you know it's a live scammer then keep pressing for the photos. You've been scammed before. You need to be absolutely sure they're not another one of those scammers. Another thing is to look for a mistake in the emails, like them calling you the wrong person's name. Use that and really push the fact you think they're cheating on you and demand some kind of proof they really do love you. Here's an example of an email exchange between myself and a scammer at this point.  "Her" mails are in red, mine in blue.

Greetings my darling. I wish to ask you the help. At me have
terminated all of money I do not know as me to live. You could not
help me and send me of money for a life. I very much ask you. I know
that it sounds not so well but I do not have other output. You my last
hope!!! I would would like that you have sent me approximately 100
dollars. You can make it???

Shit. Ok, I was worried about this. I'd been warned about people
online using womens' photo then asking for money. I really didn't
want it to come to this, and I really have to apologise to you for
having to do this, but you can't imagine how much my heart sank when I
read your letter. I REALLY need to be sure you're real and not some
photos stolen off the internet. So please do this for me to prove
you're real, then I'll send you the money you need in a heartbeat.
It's Christmas, so can you take a photo of yourself in some kind of
Christmas pose. But something unusual. I know this will sound
absolutely crazy when you hear it, but please bear with me. I need to
make a specific request, and if you can do it then you'd have proved
to me you're real and I'll send the money straight out to you the
moment you do it. Do we have a deal? Again, I know how crazy this'll
sound, but if you do it then it'll 100% prove to me you're who you say
you are. What I need you to do is this. Put a pair of your panties
on your head and hold up something with the words "PANTY CLAUS" on
them. Or even write them on the panties and put them on your head.
Whatever works better for you. I know how stupid it sounds, but
there's no way anyone but you could make a photograph like that. And
look, I know 100 dollars isn't much so I'll make it 500 to cover you
for everything and make sure you havea good Christmas. Can you do
that for me? Again I apologise for this, but I don't want my heart
broken or my money stolen.

My darling at me is not present the camera. But to me the girlfriend
yesterday came and has made a photo where I about a New Year's
fur-tree at my place. I think that it will be the proof??? My darling
I the real girl to me is no need to deceive you. This help is really
necessary to me. I very much wait for your letter. Yours Juliya

This is what worries me. Please understand me here, but those are
pretty generic looking photos and could easily have been taken at any
Christmas. I know my idea probably seems crazy to you, but that's the
point of it. It's so crazy there's no way anyone would have taken a
picture like it already, so it's be definate proof. So please, do
everything you can to take the photo for me. Then I'll send you the
money the moment I receive it. I can send money through a money
transfer online, so you'd be able to collect it right away. You'll
have to send me your details with the photo too so I can do the order
right away.

How I can change date??? I am not able to use a computer. I am able to
type the text only. It not so is widespread in our city. At me even
houses are not present a computer. How you cannot understand??? All
right I shall not hope for you. Thanks for all!!!! 

I really want to help you, but I REALLY have to be sure first. And to
prove I'm not just making this up, here's one of your pictures back
with the date changed to Dec 25th last year. The software to do it is
easy to use and free. So please, understand my predicement here. I
REALLY want to help you, but only if you are who you say you are.
Please help me by proving that to me. Then I promise you I'll help
you in any way I can.

There it is written that the picture is changed on December, 21st,
2007. But I have sent you a real photo. I do not wish anything to
prove. I have understood that you do not trust me.

Well then, at the end of the day the choice is yours. I've said what
I need, and now it's up to you to decide whether or not you're going
to do it. It's your decision now.

I do not have camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all that needs saying then. You can't show me a photo like I
asked so you're saying you don't have a camera despite having photos
you claimed were taken 2 days ago. What would you think if you were
in my situation?

I have told that to me my old girlfriend came and we have made these
pictures with the girlfriend!!!! You closely read my letters???????

I all this time thought of that that you trust me!!! There is all this
time of ours with you of correspondence is spent in vain!!!!  As
soon as I have asked for you the help because I really require it so
you at once have told that do not trust me. You represent that now
occurs to me??? What to me now???

You heard my voice??? What do you want still???

I heard A voice. How do I know it was the same person that was in the
photos. We can argue about this as long as you like, but the fact of
the matter is if you can't provide the photo, how can I believe you're
the woman in the photos I fell in love with?

I understand you the darling. All right I more well shall mention a
theme of money. I understand what difficultly to trust which person
never saw. I in fact as can not trust that that which you sent photos
to me are yours. I shall well not ask any more you money. I perfectly
understand all. But know and remember, that all attitudes are under
construction only on trust. I am sorry for that that I have asked for
you money, I shall not do any more it. You forgive me??? I simply
thought that you can help me because soon holiday and at me is not
present money. I thought that you nevertheless will understand me.
Well all right I do not blame you. They are yours a choice. But know I
love you. Yours for ever Juliya

I'm glad you understand my situation. But the offer still stands. If
you take the picture then I'll more than gladly send you enough to
make this your best Christmas ever. But the choice is entirely up to
you. I can send the money the same day, so you'll have up until
Christmas Eve if you're going to do it. I can't say fairer than that
now can I?

Tell that you wish to see in a photo? I shall do all for that what to
make this photo. But I promise nothing.

Ok, and thank you for understanding. It's a silly picture. Either
wear pair of your panties on your head and hold a sign that says
"PANTY CLAUS" or write "PANTY CLAUS" on them and wear them. Like I
say, it's something silly. A play on Santa Claus, but proof you're
really who you say you are that there's no way anyone can argue with.
And not only that, it'll give me a laugh as well when I see it.

I have not understood!!! What should I put on a head??? I can make a
photo with a leaflet of a paper where that will be written that you
ask. But I do not understand that I should dress on a head???

A pair of your panties.

those things.  Like the person in this picture.

But either write "PANTY CLAUS" on them before putting them on your
head, or hold up a sign with it. The choice is yours.

Here is the results of the bait.  My favorite set of scammer pics.

Once you're past this stage, it's time for them to be sent the money.  Always try to use MG because that way the scammer can't check the transfer's status online. Make them go to the office before finding out you messed up the last 2 digits of the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number - the 8 or 10 digit number you'll be asked to give them, depending who you "sent the money" via. WU is a 10 digit code, and MG is an 8 digit code). Send them back with the new number, which is also wrong. Eventually they'll give up on you and stop replying or send you an email full of abuse. Now comes the important part of it all. Post up all the details you have on your vlad. Email address, emails, email headers, photos, any documentation you were sent (you DID remember to ask them for copies of their passport and visa when they said they were coming to be with you, didn't you?)

Vlad baiting isn't difficult. It just needs patience to start with. After that first few weeks you'll have all your emails ready written and a number of vlads all at diffferent stages of their baits. Keep sending out a new wave of emails every 2-3 weeks and you'll never be bored again.