Russian or Ukrainian scammer? 

Telling the difference between a Russian "passport and visa" scammer and a
Ukrainian "translation" scammer is pretty easy.

Obvious model pics are almost always linked to the Ukrainian ones.
More "girl next door" pics are almost always linked to the Russian ones.

Let me demonstrate.

Below are two pictures.  These are the last two "women" that messaged me on mybelovednet.
One is a Russian visa scammer, one is a Ukrainian translation scammer.
See if you can guess which is which by looking at the photos.
Click on the picture to see the profile.
Clicking on the profile picture will bring you back to this page.


Here are two more for you to try


One thing to remember is that photos are often stolen off the net
and the women in them are in no way involved in the scam.
They are just as much victims as the people being scammed.