There is in fact a perfectly reasonable explaination behind the "underwear on the head" baits.
I was looking for something that would be an "icon" so to speak of my romance baits.  Something that would capture people's attention.  So I thought to myself,  "What image caught MY attention?    What image do I see when I think of baiting?".

The answer was the photo of the scammer with a fish on his head, made famous on 419eater.com

So how to make that relevent to romance baiting?  A lot of the time the scammers are in a small room with nothing but the computer and the clothes they're wearing with them.  A flower or a heart would have been perfect, but they wouldn't have them to hand.  So then I decided "If all they have with them are the clothes on their back, then they'll have to use them." 

And an "icon" was born.

You'll notice that I don't post nudity on the site.  It's not about getting them to take their clothes off.  It's about making them look silly.  They can take their underwear off away from the camera.  A bra can be taken off while still fully clothed.  It's all about making them look silly and capturing an image that will stick in the minds of people that see it.  You see it, you laugh, you remember it.  Hopefully you remember the message that goes with it too.  I try to educate you while making you smile.