Part 1

This started like any other bait, but then I received this email and it all changed....

Hope U are Ok and doing good and work is also Okay there perhpas i know u are thinking about me like am also doing for U now.Well we just met but am beginning to like you and i think U know that now.

Well i only needes something small from U now that we are friends and we are about to build something Up for both of Us...................its am sorry if am bothering u babe so pls i wanted to buy toileteries here but they are to expensive so i want U to help me buy them Ok.Dens

Toiletries?  This had to be investigated further. 
Once again, this bait contains

xxxxxx: toiletries???
love yayo: Yes
xxxxxx: what sort?
love yayo: its for my period time
xxxxxx: ok. what sort do you need?
love yayo: Any amount that u can wish to help me them
love yayo: i well be very grad of that
xxxxxx: to be frank with you i know nothing about what you'd need. what sort do you use and how much are they?
love yayo: 10
xxxxxx: 10? 10 what?
love yayo: Mr xxx i just ask u that if u can wish to help me buy toileteries for my period time........And also i know that u dont know anything about me too...and am very sorry for that too.
xxxxxx: well yeah i'd like to help but you'll have to explain how many you need and how much they are
love yayo: Mr xxx........i neeb 3 of the toileteries ........And one Box of the toileteries ....Cost here.....50$
xxxxxx: ok, right. and how long will that last you?
love yayo: Thats for the whole mouth My Dear
xxxxxx: ok. that seems an awful lot. do you bleed heavily or something?
love yayo: Somethings
xxxxxx: ok. well i'll see what i can do for you. when will you need them for?
love yayo: If u can get me today i w ell be very happy and proud of u here .
xxxxxx: i won't be able to do anything for at least 2 days. friday will be ok though. can you wait til then? use some rolled up toilet paper or cotton wool or something til then?
love yayo: Okay

What made this funnier was the fact a few weeks earlier I'd posted this up on a forum

As a general rule, Russian scammers ask for money for the visa/paperwork/airfare to visit you.
Ones from the Ukraine do translation scams and Nigerians ask for money for anything
from internet access to a sick relative to a desperate need for tampons.

How ironic it seems now.

xxxxxx: you haven't started your period yet have you? i'd hate you to be without protection
love yayo: I well starte on the 1st Feb
xxxxxx: that's tomorrow
love yayo: Yes
xxxxxx: i can't get money to you til friday. what will you do til then?
love yayo: Honey if u can only let me buy o ne then later we can buy the rest it well be very fine of that my dear
xxxxxx: it's like i said, i can't even get to the bank til friday. but i can do it then
love yayo: Okay
love yayo: Thank u
xxxxxx: $50 seems an awful lot of money for sanitary towels. do you need extra absorbant ones or something?
love yayo: Nope the the 50$ well the one of that .
xxxxxx: i don't understand what you mean
love yayo: Honey like i said i need three of the......toileteries ....And one ..Cost 50$ here
xxxxxx: ok. so what will you do if your period starts tomorrow before I can get the money to you?
love yayo: Then i have to starte with the tee Roll.......then i well wiate for when u sent before i can get to class .
xxxxxx: so you can use toilet roll to mop up the blood and that'll be ok for a day?
love yayo: Yes
love yayo: Then that maen i can get to Class
xxxxxx: that's ok then. i don't want you leaking on the chairs
love yayo: Yeah

love yayo: Are u ther busy ?
xxxxxx: hey there. how're you today?
love yayo: Am fine
xxxxxx: good. has your period started yet?
love yayo: Yeah
xxxxxx: what are you using to stem the tide?
love yayo: But what did u told me to use love /
love yayo: ?
xxxxxx: either toilet roll or cotton wool. are you using one of them?
love yayo: Yes...........Cotton wool
love yayo: So........Are u going to send it torrowom
xxxxxx: and is it working til i can get you some money sent?
love yayo: Yeah
love yayo: Cose u told me that u well u send it On firday
xxxxxx: ok that's good. as long as i know you're not leaving a red mark all over everything until i can get the money sent to you. that would be so embarrasing i'd imagine.
love yayo: Oh okay
xxxxxx: is the flow bad yet? or do we still have time?
love yayo: Nope
xxxxxx: how bad is it today?
love yayo: Hard..........Cose i have not use the cotton wool before
xxxxxx: how often are you having to replace it?
love yayo: Honey i still care to have cose that the very good one to use
xxxxxx: there's no leakage then? cos i wouldn't want you to be embarrased having to use cotton wool til i can send money
love yayo: Okay
love yayo: So well u send it torrowom ?
love yayo has signed back in. (2/1/2007 8:04 PM)

xxxxxx: sure. as soon as i can
love yayo: Plzzzz
love yayo: All my last hope is on u now
love yayo: So that i can get to class
xxxxxx: you can rely on me. the last thing i want id for you to start dripping blood in front of your friends
love yayo: I wont........Cose when i have what i want
xxxxxx: is there anything else you need? maybe soap or shampoo?
love yayo: Yeah
love yayo: I can get that here my self
xxxxxx: so you're ok for soap? antiperspirants?
love yayo: Yes
love yayo: Did u got my mail ?
xxxxxx: ok good. just blood plugs you need then yes?
love yayo: Yeah
xxxxxx: your email comes up blank. i don't know why. maybe you need to resend it
love yayo: Are u sure ....
xxxxxx: yeh. i don't know why
love yayo: Okay
love yayo: I dont have much time now so i well do that when i have more time my dear
xxxxxx: well i'll need it by tomorrow
love yayo: Sure
xxxxxx: do you need money for painkillers too? for the menstrual cramps?
love yayo: Nope
love yayo: All what i need thats what i have ask u for .
xxxxxx: it sounds like you're lucky then. i had to do a bit of reading and it sounds pretty painful
love yayo: Of what ?
xxxxxx: about periods
love yayo: Yeah
xxxxxx: do you suffer from cramps?
love yayo: I have some
xxxxxx: but you can cope with the pain? what does it feel like? as a guy i have no idea what you women have to go through every month
love yayo: Yeah..........thats Every month
xxxxxx: it must hurt like buggery
love yayo: Yes..........And all what i need is toileteries
xxxxxx: and you shall have the money tomorrow. i should get going now anyway. if i'm quick i can still have a few beers before the pub shuts. i'll speak to you again tomorrow. and make sure you resend the email with your details. and don't forget those pics
xxxxxx: bye
love yayo: Okay

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